What do you THINK you need to get started in business?

I have bad news for you…it is not just about being good at your what you love to do.

I found this out the hard way. I thought I had all bases covered when I started my own accounting business in 2012. After all, I had over 20 years experience in public practice. I dealt with businesses in all shapes and sizes and all stages of their life cycle. But I learnt that it is a whole other ball game being on the ground and starting MY OWN business. There was a world of other skills required. And very very little support out there. Not even your family and friends will understand.

BUT I DO. I know exactly what you are going to face. And I have developed tools and skills to support you in ways that matter. Even to the point of becoming a certified Coach for the Deeper Self and developing a system to capture your values, your goals and your financial activities to ensure that they all line to create success!

So click here to get in touch and let’s have a quick chat to see how I can help.

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The principal of Vavee Enterprises, Veronika Andersson, has been working in accounting public practices for over 20 years. She founded Vavee in 2012, now a successful accounting practice.

This has given Veronika in depth experience with businesses as varied as sole trader gardeners/landscapers to commercial property investment and service industries such as finance brokers to dancers.

During this time Veronika has undertaken many and varied professional development to assist in providing services to clients beyond tax compliance. Some of these are:

  • Full member of CPA Australia since 2004
  • Registered Tax Agent since 2012
  • Member of NTAA (National Tax and Accountants Association)
  • Continuing Professional Development that consistently exceeds professional body requirements.
  • Money Mastery with Paul Council completed 2009
  • Mastermind with Gary De Rodriguez completed 2010, and many additional courses with Gary and Peopleistic since.
  • Beyond Success with Paul Blackburn completed 2011
  • Certified Coach for the Deeper Self with Peopleistic 2020

These courses, along with her personal experience in successful property development and other investment activities, enable Veronika to provide a wide perspective on her clients business and wealth creation strategies.

Our Team

Vavee Enterprises offers great flexibility and autonomy to our team members, who all have a proven track record in providing exceptional client services.

Our team are experienced in accounting, administration and IT services. Each of these areas are vital to providing our clients with seamless and proficient services.

Vavee Enterprises has relationships with important contacts that can assist you in your business, including insurance, finance broking, coaches, bookkeeping and IT. We only recommend people that we have used and achieved a high level of successful outcomes through working with them.